Electrical Cables

Electricals cables power cables, Control cables, instrumentation cables, fire proof cables, HT/LT house wires all types of special cables, AAAC/ACSR AL. conductor, HT XLPE cable, LT XLPE/PVC aluminums arm/unarm cable, LT XLPE/PVC copper arm/unarm cable, copper mult icore flexible cable, building wire, screened cable/instrumentation cable, telephone jellyfield arm/unarm cable, EPR/PCP rubber cable, HT/LT termination kit, HT insulator & accessories, cable tray, cable tie, cable gland/lugs, lighting fixtures, industrial/domestic fans, switchgear, busbar chamber and many more etc.

Telecom cables

Telecom cables are required across the backbone, aggregation and access networks. Fiber to the premises (FTTP), fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the building (FTTB) RJ 45 cables are used to connect computers to local area networks. There are two basic types of RJ 45 cables – straight-trough and crossover. A straight-trough cable is required to connect a computer to hub/switch, while unArmoured, Armoured,pvc cables, Arial Cables, Polythene Insulated Jelly Filled Cables (PIJF), Aerial Optical Fiber Cables etc. Single Mode Optical Fibers are placed in a Loose Tube and filled with jelly. Over the loose tube a thin layer of jelly is applied during the extrusion process. To make it suitable for aerial Application Aramide Yarn is raped over the sheathing and then it is jacketed with Nylon. 10 pair to 2400 pair









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